Jonio and Adriatic Sea

Beaches, caves and coves of rare beauty

Gallipoli: the sun, the sea, the wind: the byword with which Salento promotes itself, but also the perfect words to present the most beautiful beaches of Gallipoli, the green pearl of the Ionian sea! The most beautiful beaches of Gallipoli, one of the queens of the amazing Salento are: Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Punta Pizzo, La Puritate, even if from the historical center of Gallipoli we move to the north, for long stretches the beaches become large sandy expanses with golden shades, with free parts separated by long lines of well-equipped bathing establishments.

Porto Cesareo:  numerous beaches of unique beauty in the world including Prosciutto Peak of Porto Cesareo beach, also known as the Swamp of the Count, Tower Chianca of Porto Cesareo beach, also known as the beach of the Dunes, big island beach of Porto Cesareo located on the homonymous island which is located a few hundred meters from the coast, at last Porto Cesareo beach located near the seaside town of the same name, ancient fishing village that owes its name to the 16th century tower erected at the behest of Charles V to combat the Saracen raids.

Otranto:Turks bay, Alimini, Orte bay are the most beautiful beaches of Otranto, where the Adriatic coast offers surprises and incredible natural spectacles.

Santa Maria di Leuca: From Marina di San Gregorio to Posto Vecchio, journey through the most spectacular beaches of Santa Maria di Leuca, between caves and Caribbean beaches, Finisterrae (end of the heart) also known for its singular position, represents the lowest point of Salento, as well as the scenic meeting place for the currents coming from the Gulf of Taranto and those of the Otranto canal; the most famous beaches are: Marina di San Gregorio, Ciolo, Pescoluse, Marina di Felloniche, Acquaviva di Marina (Diso), Porto Badisco.